Meet Our Family

Our family has grown over the years and we’re thankful to have everyone help on the family farm in some capacity.


Frank is the primary caregiver for all of our hogs and chickens. He works full time on the farm and is dedicated to our animals beyond measure. He was born and raised in the purebred hog business and graduated from Edon High School. He attended Michigan State University and studied in their Ag Tech program. He enjoys educating others about raising hogs, telling stories about the many years of adventures on the farm and all things Michigan State Football related. Frank married Brenda in 1990 and they have three wonderful children, Cambell (30), Caprianna (29), and Clayton (25), and two grandchildren.


Brenda spends her weekend supporting all things customer related. Though this isn’t her full-time job, she is truly dedicated to making sure our customers have the best experience possible. You can find her at the Toledo Farmer’s Market every Saturday running the cash register and helping people learn more about the meat they enjoy. During the week, Brenda spends her time teaching second grade at Edon Elementary. She has been a teacher for nearly 27 years. Marrying into the Parrish family was an eye-opening experience for her. Since then she has helped in getting ready for farm sales and showing hogs.


Howard worked for the majority of his professional career as an auctioneer. In fact, he auctioneered professionally for the first time at the age of 15, his dad even had to drive him to the sale! Still today he continues to be involved in the daily workings of the farm. You can often find him delivering hogs to buyers or to market. Born and raised in the hog industry, gave him a robust knowledge about all things hog related. He’ll happily share any story with you from his many years of showing, judging, auctioning, raising, breeding and more! Howard married Marilyn 56 years ago. They’re thrilled to see their family grow each year while still remaining true to the family farm.


As the wife of a hog farmer and auctioneer, Marilyn developed a diversified skill set! She has filled every role on the family farm. Several years ago you could find her maintaining all the farm records of both breeding and financial status. As the farm evolved, she was never shy and has served as a dedicated farm hand and egg gatherer. Even today she spends hours hand-washing each egg to ensure they are of the highest quality for our customers. You can often meet her at the farmer’s market on Saturdays. She’s happy to share stories of the past and joke about the recent happenings of all of her grandchildren!