About Our Farm

We are a fifth generation hog farm started by CH Parrish in 1912.  Paul Parrish continued in his father’s footsteps by continuing to build quality. Paul was a highly-regarded judge of major hog shows and was a Duroc Fieldman.  He was known as “Mr. Enthusiam” in the swine industry.  For the past 50 years Howard and Frank have continued to breed and raise superior Duroc hogs for breeding and producing high quality meat.

The farm has evolved over the years, what began as Parrish Durocs soon became HP Genetics and is now known as Parrish Pork & Poultry. We’re proud to carry on the same basic values of raising quality hogs even as the technology, genetics and market demands have evolved.

Our farm size has varied over the years. Around 2004 we were farrowing more than 600 sows. Meaning, after every sow had her babies for the year there would be more than 12,500 pigs on our farm. In an effort to maintain only the highest quality product, we downsized to a more manageable number and diversified to include laying hens, meat chickens and Birkshire hogs. This allowed us to focus on providing a quality product for all of our consumers.

About eight years ago, we realized that people were paying money for meat in a grocery store and were not getting a quality product. We knew with our knowledge of the animal and how it is raised, we could provide a higher quality, local product for consumers. It is always our goal to share our family values and practices with everyone that enjoys Parrish Pork or Poultry. You can find us happily enjoying the Toledo Farmer’s Market every Saturday morning. We welcome you to come visit us! We’re happy to tell you more about our family history and current farm values.